Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On life extension

Many would argue that we pursue life extension for so long and yet there has not been made any headway. They will conclude thus that there is no point in hoping for any results in our lifetime.

Now i personally am cautiously optimistic. That thus far nothing much has been produced is no indication of future progress. I see the advance of preconception shattering technologies as following a theme of emergence. Much like forces of nature man underestimates the at first slow and gradual progress in any field until finally a threshold is reached and the advance is so quick and the effect is so pervasive that no one can escape and the suddenness of events overwhelms the individual. This is in part due to the human mind being ill adapted at extrapolating close to exponential growth in a field of science or what ever and the effects.

I think we can feel already the subsonic rumble of the waves of change potentially leading to vastly improved medical abilities, enhanced intelligence, nano technology and the profound changes we will witness.

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