Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Introducing hourglass, a blog carnival

With the ever expanding horizon of the blogosphere it becomes more and more difficult to find and appreciate the vast amount of excellent posts pertinent to your favorite topic. Blog carnivals are a possibility to aggregate and distribute noteworthy postings and also bring less well known blogs into the light. As a commemoration of already two years of engaged blogging on biogerontology topics Ouroboros brings us a brand new carnival... the hourglass. Highly recommended reading.

Oh, one small thing...

If you should be so inclined i propose to browse my public recommended (i.e. shared) blog posts list where everything i mark as interesting gets posted.


After so few posts? Nah, it's just that while i was on vacation someone felt like a little arson. So, well. My home went up in flames... Well, a week ago the resided plans for the reconstruction were approved and now work is in progress. The thing complicating work is that it is a sort of historically valuable building so lot's of considerations go into how one rebuilds it and what is allowed to do. The good part is that when i will take over the building from my parents it'll be redone for approximately 1.5 million dollars. Nothing to sneeze at. Yeah well, so you know why i have been posting a whole lot less. Can't promise much for the future since i am lazy and and housebuilding plus heavy workload at my day job keep me quite busy. anyone wants nice pictures of the house burning etc? I got some on flickr :-).