Tuesday, July 8, 2008


After so few posts? Nah, it's just that while i was on vacation someone felt like a little arson. So, well. My home went up in flames... Well, a week ago the resided plans for the reconstruction were approved and now work is in progress. The thing complicating work is that it is a sort of historically valuable building so lot's of considerations go into how one rebuilds it and what is allowed to do. The good part is that when i will take over the building from my parents it'll be redone for approximately 1.5 million dollars. Nothing to sneeze at. Yeah well, so you know why i have been posting a whole lot less. Can't promise much for the future since i am lazy and and housebuilding plus heavy workload at my day job keep me quite busy. anyone wants nice pictures of the house burning etc? I got some on flickr :-).

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